Talking Books

The Pioneer Library System, as a sublending agency of the New York State Talking Book and Braille Library in Albany, helps provide service to patrons who are blind, those who cannot read because of a physical handicap, or those with a diagnosed reading or learning disability. This service includes the special cassette player needed to play "talking books" and the talking books themselves.

All member libraries have talking book application forms or you can access the application forms on-line at

Libraries then forward the completed application for service to the Outreach Services Department at the Pioneer Library System. The application is recorded and then forwarded to Albany for processing. In the meantime a talking book cassette player and several talking books are returned to the member library in the next delivery for the person requesting the service. Once an application is processed, talking books are mailed directly to the patron's home from the Albany office.

A small stock of cassette players are kept on hand at the System office to replace non-working machines. Patrons may call the office directly to have a machine replaced at 585-394-8260 or if you have questions concerning this service.